Sunday, January 3, 2010

Eco-Home sustainable urban living demonstrated since the 1988

I had the wonderful experience of touring Julia Russell's Eco-Home in Los Angeles before Christmas. Julia's 1911 Craftsman home has been a demonstration project showing that it is possible to retrofit existing homes in an urban location and have a very low environmentally impact. I know this is old news to pretty much anyone living outside the United States. But for folks in Los Angeles, this is a must visit project.

Julia and one of her docents, Judy, gave a fantastic tour and lecture of the property, xeriscaping, garden, its history and the products and technologies used.

I've posted a few photos from the tour here on Flickr.

I encourage you to contact Eco-Home to set up a tour, here is the link for 2010 tour info.

Julia has indicate that she may retire from the Eco-Home project in 2010, so get a tour date as soon as you can. It is a wonderful education.

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